Meet our past winners and finalists! Find out what are they doing now and what being part of The Golden Apron competition has meant to them…

Zach Abbott, finalist, 2015

"After the Golden Apron I completed work experience which led to a part-time job with The Yorkshire Wagyu Company, whose produce I used for my dish of Two-Chefs-ale-braised shin of Yorkshire Wagyu beef, pumpkin boulangère and purée in the final. It helped me at college and also when entering other local competitions such as the York Food Festival, where I came joint first in the final of the Junior Chef Competition. Reaching the final of the Golden Apron has made my CV look fantastic, which helped me get a job with Michelin-starred Andrew Pern at Mr P's Curious Tavern in York."

Pippa Lister, winner, 2013

"I am now a second year medical student at St Andrew's University. Although I am not working in the food industry, I can definitely say that the Golden Apron had a huge impact on my career path! Being dyslexic I had never particularly shone at school, but after winning the Golden Apron, I gained a huge amount of confidence. As well as it greatly improving my cooking skills, it helped improve my ability to plan and also helped my communication skills. I also found that at university interviews, people were keen to talk about the competition and the challenges it posed.

The competition was great at improving my confidence with food. I now love cooking for friends at university and answering people's questions on recipe ideas.  I am also a passionate advocate of local produce, which I learnt so much about through the Golden Apron. I am sure that my knowledge of good nutrition will be hugely beneficial in my future career and I am will always love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. "

Georgie Smithson-Brown, winner, 2014

"In 2014, aged 14, I entered the Golden Apron, unaware of the dramatic changes it would make to me as a person. I haven't once had a chance to look back since my name was called as the winner at the Pipe and Glass that evening. The experiences and opportunities the Golden Apron has provided are endless. I've taken part in cooking demonstrations at events such as the Driffield Show, York Food Festival, Hornsea Carnival and The Great Yorkshire show, and met some amazing people along the way. I’ve had interviews on radio stations, cooked and assisted in large scale catering events such as the JSR harvest supper and numerous weddings. I have not only learned a lot, but my confidence has grown massively as a result of this, and I feel that, whichever career path I take, there will be a link to The Golden Apron."

Kurtus Auty, winner, 2015

"It's been a great year and a great experience, thanks to the Golden Apron. It's even given me the confidence to move down to London to work in one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, Maze. I don't think I couldn't have done it without the help of the Golden Apron competition."

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